How Average People Are Tapping Into Their Very Own "Fountain Of Youth"
🚨The Human Endocrine System Is Under Attack!🚨
It's 2022 and people are sicker and more inflammed than ever...
TWO things are crystal clear:

1. The average American has no clue how to manage their health

2. All diets, training programs, and supplements are completely useless if your hormones are not OPTIMIZED.
From the desk of your host...
Jay Campbell is a 4x International Best Selling Author, Men's Physique Champion, Co-Founder of Aseir Custom, and Founder of the Jay Campbell Podcast. Jay Has Dedicated His Life to Teaching Men and Women How To #FullyOptimize Their Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
It’s 2022…

Look around. The average person is…

…or has a host of chronic autoimmune diseases

Who’s to blame for this crisis?

Is it the food?
The water?
The processed foods?
Lazy people?

Or is it even something more sinister?

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

The modern SICK CARE medical system wants you to be sick.

Now you may be thinking, come on Jay, doctors are good people.

They’re doing the best they can.


Most “doctors” are grossly incompetent.

While the doctors I know want their patients to be healthy, their hands are tied.

By who?


See, the entire medical system has one massive conflict of interests.

The sicker YOU are, the more money THEY make!

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at their business model.

  • Step 1: Create massive health problems in society (obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease) so people constantly need to go visit their “doctor” for treatment.
  • Step 2: Invent patented, proprietary drugs that can only be purchased through their stores (pharmacies)
  • Step 3: Scare the feeble population into getting hooked on these drugs. 
  • ​Step 4: Create more drugs to address the side effects from the first drugs.
  • ​Step 5: Ensure these drugs slowly cripple the population until people spend their entire life savings on medical care
  • ​Step 6: Once the bank accounts have been drained, the patients eventually pass away from their disease
  • ​Step 7: Rinse and repeat with the next generation
It’s been almost 100 years now since this has been in place…

And big pharma has laughed all the way to the bank!

Meanwhile, the average person is left confused, stuck, and lost about how to take care of themselves.

Just like big pharma designed.

Now, what if I told you…it doesn’t have to be like this?

What if you could take charge of your health?

And never have to depend on big pharma again.

There is a way out.

And it starts with you taking PERSONAL RESPONSBILITY for your own health.

I have spent my entire life mastering hormonal optimization.

As a best selling author, world-renowned speaker, and guru to the gurus…

I know what it takes to control your own health...

Without relying on big pharma!

Where does it start?

Hormonal optimization.

Your hormones are the key to unlocking perfect health.

The most common problems we face today are things like



Heart disease.

Chronic fatigue.

Brain fog.

And even low sex drive.

These issues all stem from one primary cause.


Optimize your hormones and the rest of your health will fall into place.

When most people think of hormonal issues, the first thing that pops in to their mind is low testosterone.

While low testosterone is certainly a massive issue in the world today, it goes much deeper.

The human endocrine system is under attack.

And while males typically experience symptoms of low testosterone…

It’s even worse for females!

Actually, let's talk about females.

I'm known as the "testosterone" guy across the interwebs...

But few people know that I also am a master when it comes to female hormonal optimization too.

Don't believe me?

Meet Monica.
Monica and I have been married for over 10 years now.

She has been a bad@$$ her whole life.

After building a wildly successful real estate practice, she now lectures around the world teaching other realtors to do the same.

But more importantly, she is the mother to three amazing children (and my two bonus daughters). 
Even after age 50 (don't tell her I told you that), she puts most women in their 20s to shame.


Because her hormones are optimized.

But it wasn't always this way.
Years earlier, Monica felt what all women feel as their kids grow up.

She just didn't have the same fire as she did in her 20s and 30s.  

But after meeting me, everything changed.

We worked with the top doctors in the world to dial in all the right protocols.

And within months, Monica was not only feeling like she did in her 20s.

She felt better!

Now that her lifestyle habits are perfected, she remains in great shape all year long.

..and dare I say, looks and feels like A GODDESS! 
Now...why do I even bring Monica up?

Because both men AND women are under assault from things like…

👉Environmental toxins
👉 Poor quality food
👉EMF and radiation
👉Sedentary jobs
👉Blue light from screens
👉And thousands of other toxic contaminants

As a result, most people barely have the energy to make it through an entire day.

After years of these toxins punishing our body, most people now struggle with health issues on a daily basis.

They don’t even remember what it feels like to be healthy.

So, what do we do about this?

The key is hormonal optimization.

Now, you could probably scour the internet and watch hundreds of hours of YouTube to find out how to dial in your hormones by yourself.

And if that’s something you would like to do, then I applaud you!

But if you would rather take the fast pass to mastering your own health, I have just the solution for you.

After writing numerous best selling books and privately coaching thousands of clients, I have decided to give the average person the chance to work with me.

Not to toot my own horn, but some of the top fitness influencers in the world (I’m talking “gurus” with millions of followers) pay me over $1,000/hr to consult with them.

But honestly, that’s not my calling.

I have a burning passion for changing the life of the average person.

...The mom that is raising 3 kids and barely has time to take care of herself.

...The busy executive that works long hours so he can provide a better life for his family.

...The grandpa that wants to have more energy to play with his grandkids.

...The young entrepreneur that is building the next company that will change the world.

...The suburban couple that wants to set a prime example of health for their children to live by.

THESE are the people I enjoy helping the most.

And this is why I created the Fully Optimized Health Mastermind.

…So the average person can work directly with me to master their own hormones.

…So you no longer have to outsource your health to your “doctor”.

…and so you can show up with abundant energy every day to experience an incredible life full of health, wealth, and joy!

Like I said, there are household names in the fitness industry that pay me top dollar for coaching.

I could easily charge $997 per month for access to the mastermind.

But I want to make this affordable for regular folks.

So rather than charging $997 per month…

…or even $497 per month…

I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

If you take action and join today, you will get access to the Fully Optimized Health Mastermind for only $99 per month.

Most of the other online health coaches are going to hate me for this, but I know it’s the right thing to do.

And to make it even more of a no brainer, you’ll get access to the following bonuses.

Bonus #1

The TOT Bible – the world's best selling book on testosterone optimization therapy

Value - $40
You Pay - $0

Bonus #2

TOT Decoded – Fast Start Bundle

A jam packed 2.5 hour webinar plus a 33 pg ebook on everything you need to know about mastering your own hormones

Value - $499
You Pay - $0

Bonus #3

Estrogenic -Free Product Vault

My exact shopping list of personal care products guaranteed to help you improve your hormonal state

Value - $499
You Pay - $0

Bonus #4

The TOT “Black Book”

My insider rolodex of the top doctors in the country that will help you steer clear of the SICK CARE system

Value - $49
You Pay - $0

On top of all this you will get access to the most advanced community on the planet related to hormonal optimization.

With the community, you will have access to:
✅A tight-knit elite community
​✅Most up to date TOT / TRT discussion & research
​​✅Doctor interviews, updates & webinars
​​✅Supplement guides & cutting edge research
​✅​Best healing peptides & cutting edge research
​​✅Diet, nutrition and fasting advice
​​✅Monthly and Weekly Q&A's
​​✅Mindset work from some of the most advanced teachers in the field
​​✅Interviews with spiritual masters to heal your soul
​✅And more importantly – DIRECT ACCESS TO ME for any questions you have related to health optimization.

All of this can be yours today for just $99.

Still curious?

Here are some of our FAQs👇

Q: Who is this for?
A: Any man or woman that wants to take charge of their own health. You are tired of outsourcing your health to the SICK CARE system and ready to become a master

Q: Who is this not for?
A: Any person that feels they are a victim! If you are not ready to take personal responsibility for your own health, then leave now!

Q: Can I just hire Jay for personal coaching?
A: No. I am transitioning all of my clients to be members of the group.

Q: Is this a monthly subscription?
A: Yes, once you sign up you will be charged $99 per month and then $99 every month after

Q: Can I cancel anytime?
A: Yes

Q: What if I am not in great shape, is this still for me?
A: Absolutely! That is who I created this for

Q: My doctor says that I should only consult with him about health protocols. Do you agree?
A: No! Once you join the group you will have access to the top doctors in the country and will have the opportunity to work with them

Q: How do I know if I need help with my hormones?
A: If you are overweight, have low energy, low sex drive, or just don’t feel like yourself anymore, chances are your hormones are WRECKED! This is why I created the FOH

Q: Do you have any guarantees?
A: The only guarantee I offer is that you will have access to the most cutting edge support and info to totally master your own hormones and overall health. 

Nothing in life is guaranteed!

Again, you get access to all of the following:

✅Membership group - Value = $99
​✅TOT Bible - Value = $40
​✅TOT Decoded - Fast-Start Bundle - Value = $499
​✅Estrogenic-FREE Product Vault - Value = $49
​✅TOT Black-Book - Value = $149
​✅Access to Jay - Value = PRICELESS

Total Value = $876

🚨Your investment today = $99 per month🚨

Think this won't work for you? 

Think again.

Check out the stories of others I have worked with:

Like Dennis P...

"Not only did I hit my physical goals, but I also experienced some amazing cognitive benefits. When following Jay’s fasting protocols, I felt energetic, refreshed and my cardio and weight lifting sessions were great."

Or Carl J...

"I have 60 pounds of fat off my body because of your motivation and my determination to be disciplined and stay focused.
I am a man, who has FOREVER been changed by the work and dedication of men like you"

...and the testimonials go on and on

Now, I could post testimonial after testimonial from thousands of others clients above.

But ultimately it comes down to  you.

How bad do you want it?

Nobody else can make the decision for you.

Some people will exit this page and go back to scrolling through social media on their phone.

They will never know what it means to live a fully optimized life. 

And a select few will listen to that inner voice within.

The voice that is calling them down the path to change their health...FOR GOOD!

For those of you that listen to that inner  voice...

I'll see you on the inside!

Yours truly,

Jay Campbell

If You Don't Want to Sign Up for The Mastermind But Want to Purchase the 
TOT Decoded Webinar and E-book?
What's Covered in Our Webinar?

In this nearly 2.5 hour Masterpiece, You Will Learn Everything You Must Know About...
The War Being Waged On Your Body

- Why Low Testosterone Will Kill You
- The Reality of Natural T-Optimization
- Why Your Doctor Doesn't Want You To Know You Have Low T
- Why Testosterone Is Demonized

Therapeutic Testosterone: Myth vs Reality

- Why Testosterone is beneficial for your heart 
- Why using Testosterone has nothing to do with anabolic steroids
- Why optimized Testosterone is beneficial for the male prostate
- How Therapeutic T suppresses inflammation and why it must be a frontline treatment for Adult Onset Diabetes (Type 2)
- How you can use Therapeutic Testosterone and still have children  

The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels Through Testosterone Optimization Therapy

- Decreases body fat
- Increases muscle mass
- Improves heart health
- Treats depression
- Improves memory and protects against Alzheimer's
- Fights inflammation
- No side effects when done correctly! 

The 10 Commandments of Living A Fully Optimized Life

- Why Testosterone Optimization Therapy alone is not enough
- How your doctor will mess you up if you are not informed
- The importance of self education
- How to choose the right doctor
- How to know what protocol is right for you
- How living with purpose is key

Presented by Jay Campbell. 2021–2022