Jay Campbell is a 4x International Best Selling Author, Men's Physique Champion, Co-Founder of Aseir Custom, and Founder of the Jay Campbell Podcast. Jay Has Dedicated His Life to Teaching Men and Women How To #FullyOptimize Their Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

Daniel Kelly is an International Best Selling Author, former Goldman Sachs Investment Advisor, Men's Health Optimization Coach, Founder of Optimized Army and Berserker Athletics. Daniel Shows Men How to Optimize Their Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Well Being. 
Are You Ready To Level Up Your Life?
If you are a Man or Woman who desires to live at the tip of the spear from a health, performance, longevity and raised consciousness, you're in the right place.

Make no mistake, by reading this website, you’re in the top 0.1% of the people on planet Earth.

That’s not an exaggeration.

By the same token, you must ask yourself this:

Do you truly want to navigate the pitfalls of modern healthcare and thrive in a resonant world of health and vitality only a select few can imagine?

Are you willing to put in the effort and sacrifice it requires? 

Let us make this crystal clear.

There is no substitute for DOING THE WORK!

There are no hacks, shortcuts, insider tips, or ninja tactics that can replace the RUTHLESS CONSISTENCY necessary to forge a fully optimized, oscillating human.

You must make one seismic shift in your thinking if you are indeed ready:

YOU and you alone, are responsible for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Only you truly have the power–not your healthcare provider, nor your spouse, your insurance company, your priest or anyone else.

The White Hats are never riding in to save you.

Your doctor isn’t anxiously pouring over your medical records to anticipate problems.

You and you alone, must take control and act now.

Don’t be reactive like 99.9% of the population and only take action when sickness or disease occurs. 

Sadly, the brutal truth is:

Most people DO NOT WANT to change.

They would rather take a pill or push an easy button hoping everything works out, instead of Doing the Work.

We already know you’re not like most people.

In a world of information overload and fake Internet gurus, you’re not interested in the ‘studies’ and ‘science,' or any technical doctor speak.

You recognize the modern medical system is completely broken and simply provides a blueprint for perpetuating disease.

You want to know how you can take responsibility for yourself.

You want to know what to do and how to do it.

You’re in the right place.

In our 6 previous books, we've established unequivocal scientific proof through massive amounts of research citations and doctor recommendations.

What’s found in our Mastermind is not ‘bro science’ or quackery designed to sell you snake oil.

Our twice monthly program is the master key for permanently unhooking yourself from the Matrix of failed global health, wellness and spiritual systems.

Our Mastermind will radically alter the trajectory of your life.

Meaningful and lasting change only starts when you choose to become a proactive scientist for your own health and an impartial observer of your life in the matrix.

Are you able, willing and ready to become #FullyFCKnOptimized from every conceivable angle as a living BE-ing? 

Strap yourself in.

What will Our Monthly Mastermind Give You?

Two Monthly Recorded Video Calls with Jay, Daniel and 
other World Leading Experts from the Health Optimization and Consciousness/Spirituality Space.

All Calls Are Recorded and Interactive in Order for Each Member to Connect with the Hosts and all group members through Q&A.

A Private Membership Group for all Members to network and connect with one another. (An Online Repository aka the Hall of Records on Life Optimization)

What Topics Will We Cover In The Calls?

__How to Master Your Hormones for Peak Energy & Performance

__How to Master Using Peptides to Heal, Build Muscle, Lose Body Fat, Enhance Immunity, and Increase Cognition

__How to Master Building Lean Muscle while Dropping Body Fat Forever in the Context of Maximum Health and Longevity

__How to Master Using Supplements that Make a Genuine Difference In Your Life

__How to Master Avoiding Health and Fitness Myths Found Online 

__How to Master Raising Your Vibration: Why Enhancing Your Consciousness is the only Surefire Way to Optimize Your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul for Lifelong Elite Performance

__How to Master Becoming The Ultimate Version of You in order to serve creation at your highest and best capability 

 Real Results from 1000's of Men Who've Worked w/ 
Daniel and Jay!

"Not only did I hit my physical goals, but I also experienced some amazing cognitive benefits. When following Jay’s fasting protocols, I felt energetic, refreshed and my cardio and weight lifting sessions were great."
- Dennis P.
"Before I worked with Daniel, I felt mentally and physically weak. He helped me drop 70 lbs, feel more confident, be more focused and consistent, AND I increased my business revenue by 60%!"
- Johnathan D.
"I have 60 pounds of fat off my body because of your motivation and my determination to be disciplined and stay focused.
I am a man, who has FOREVER been changed by the work and dedication of men like you"
- Carl J
Don't Want to Sign Up for The Mastermind But Want to Purchase the 
TOT Decoded Webinar and E-book?
What's Covered in Our Webinar?

In this nearly 2.5 hour Masterpiece, You Will Learn Everything You Must Know About...
The War Being Waged On Your Body

- Why Low Testosterone Will Kill You
- The Reality of Natural T-Optimization
- Why Your Doctor Doesn't Want You To Know You Have Low T
- Why Testosterone Is Demonized

Therapeutic Testosterone: Myth vs Reality

- Why Testosterone is beneficial for your heart 
- Why using Testosterone has nothing to do with anabolic steroids
- Why optimized Testosterone is beneficial for the male prostate
- How Therapeutic T suppresses inflammation and why it must be a frontline treatment for Adult Onset Diabetes (Type 2)
- How you can use Therapeutic Testosterone and still have children  

The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels Through Testosterone Optimization Therapy

- Decreases body fat
- Increases muscle mass
- Improves heart health
- Treats depression
- Improves memory and protects against Alzheimer's
- Fights inflammation
- No side effects when done correctly! 

The 10 Commandments of Living A Fully Optimized Life

- Why Testosterone Optimization Therapy alone is not enough
- How your doctor will mess you up if you are not informed
- The importance of self education
- How to choose the right doctor
- How to know what protocol is right for you
- How living with purpose is key

Presented by Jay Campbell and Daniel Kelly. www.fullyoptimizedhealth.com 2021
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