How long will you buy into the MYTH of ‘healthy’ male aging?
There Is Nothing Natural About Your Declining TESTOSTERONE Levels
Fact is - you are entangled in a WAR on all things male 
and may not even know it... 
And only are TWO things are crystal clear:
1. Like any war - you can't win it alone...
2. Unless you wisen up and take ACTION right now you are guaranteed to lose...
From the desk of your host...
Jay Campbell is a 4x International Best Selling Author, Men's Physique Champion, Co-Founder of Aseir Custom, and Founder of the Jay Campbell Podcast. Jay Has Dedicated His Life to Teaching Men and Women How To #FullyOptimize Their Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
First and foremost I want to address something important. YOUR endocrine system is under attack.

I understand that that sounds extremist… or like another "conspiracy theory". 

I promise you the threat is very real and I will prove it. 

Thanks to the cranial bone analysis we are able to track how much testosterone your ancestors had. 

You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that just 100 years ago the average T level was 800-2000 ng/DL. 

Hell, that measure was true just 80 years ago… when we were first able to measure actual blood testosterone. And the level has been dropping ever since.

And in just the last 20 years we’ve seen a staggering 20% drop. For an average of 1% per year and counting. It's speeding up!
So if today you have a blood testosterone level of 450 ng/DL you’d be considered “NORMAL”. But as Dr. John Crisler said you’d be: 

“running on half the testosterone your body was designed to run on”

And fact is he might be conservative in his assessment. 

You might be running on only a quarter of the T you need. 

So quite literally you are not the man your father was, much less your grandfather. 

And it goes beyond “muscle mass”. 

This is a public health crisis...

Testosterone is NOT a “Muscle Hormone”

Contrary to what the media might want you to think - taking therapeutic Testosterone is not “cheating”. 

Testosterone is THE key ingredient that makes a man “healthy, wealthy and wise”.
Take a look at this fact...

Over the last decades, all chronic diseases have been on the rise. 

It’s no secret… You can see it everywhere.

Asthma rates have doubled or even quadrupled depending on how you measure it. 

And so has:
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • ​Obesity rates
  • ​Erectile dysfunction (especially in young males)
  • ​Depression and Anxiety disorders
  • ​Suicide (especially in males)
  • ​Immunodeficiencies
  • ​Inflammation
And many others. 

All while testosterone levels are decreasing in men AND women. 

Is this a coincidence? I think not. 

Especially since higher T levels have consistently shown to:
  • Improve health 
  • ​Treat depression 
  • ​Increase muscle mass 
  • ​Increase libido
  • ​Decrease body fat 
  • ​Improve short-term and long-term memory 
  • ​Improve focus and attention 
  • ​Fight inflammation 
  • ​Prevent the onset of numerous age-related diseases 
  • ​Improve mitochondrial function 
  • ​Enhance immunity (a key one in a day and age of Pandemics and Bioweapons)

So What The Hell Is Happening Here?

Why aren’t there alarm bells ringing and news reports talking of this issue?

First of all, I (Jay) am!

I have been talking about this for over 15 years at this point. 

This is a topic I live and die by. 

Plus many smart doctors in my inner circle have been talking about this for years. 

My tribe of EDUCATED men has now grown tens of thousands strong. Maybe hundreds of thousands if you include book readers and second-hand info...

And you will have the opportunity to join my insider’s group soon... 

But first I want to show you beyond any shadow of a doubt that this threat is real and it affects YOU directly. 

But is it just me who ‘discovered’ this alarming pattern?


The discussion is finally spreading in the medical circles but at a turtle’s pace…

In 2020 at the American urology convention, it finally appeared as a hot topic. 

“The decline in total testosterone observed even among men with normal body mass index.”

Or declining levels in an otherwise “healthy” population.  

They used to believe that the decline MAY have been due to increasing obesity rates... 

But no such luck... everyone's T levels are affected. (And the relationship is actually inversed as you'll see. Low T leads to obesity.)

At least the cat’s out of the bag. We are finally talking about the real issue. 

What I like most is that they didn’t mince words at the conference about how alarming it is. 

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Soum Lokeshwar, MD, MBA (Yale School of Medicine).

“We’ve seen that lower values of testosterone have been associated with increased comorbidities and an increase risk for all-cause mortality. This decline specifically, in these young adult men, with increased obesity may lead to an increase in precocious cancer,

Meaning… Low T = chronic diseases + shorter life span. And if you're also obese it may lead to cancer too.  

And then he goes on to add…

“Testosterone levels in AYA [Adolescent and Young Adult] men are used as the benchmark normal levels for testosterone. This is very scary, because generally, when we think of normal values of testosterone, we treat based upon this age group. This may ultimately lead to the undertreatment of testosterone deficiency, which can have large ramifications and severe consequences.”

Did you get all that? 

Do you know what it takes for a Yale-educated scientist to go on record using words like “severe consequences” or “very scary” in front of his peers?

It takes a lot. 

The guy is no dummy—he’s aware that this "normal population" business is a massive issue... As you'll see in just a second. 

You see, what’s happening is that most doctors are busy as hell and so they:


If you’re within the “normal range”...

BUT you feel like total CRAP…

Then no action is needed... because you’re “normal”! 


So shut up already and accept your dose of chronic diseases, increased body fat, and the energy levels of a geriatric. 

So the question is: how did we get the “normal range”? 

Who's responsible for it?

“Normal Range” Fallacy

“Normal” is made up of the “average” man walking through the testing center’s door. 

That’s why Dr. Soum Lokeshwar was so freaked out…

Usually, you’d take a man 18-24 and make an ASSUMPTION that that is a “healthy male”

Then you’d average out the T levels across a couple of thousands of men and boom - you have a “normal range”. Now you can apply it to everybody

Trouble is - it is completely arbitrary.  

Plus as Dr. Lokeshwar discussed at the conference T levels in this group are falling like a rock!

That means that our “benchmark population” is dragging the whole damned scale down. 

And I mean literally dragging it down. The last time this happened was in 2017.
LabCorp - the US biggest testing and data testing data aggregation company lowered the “Normal Range”...
Look at that before and after...

the new “normal” is what previously would be considered near-fatal as you can see below...
This downward spiral could be compared to a dog mindlessly chasing its own tail.
The lower we fall as a society the less we diagnose and treat the issue. 

Now there’s only one question remaining before I jump to the solution...

What is Causing This Population-Wide Testosterone Drop?

The issue is complex. 

There are many tiny factors… From EMF radiation to poor diet (with “food” that has no actual ‘food’ in it).

All the way to some very BIG factors like man-made chemicals in the environment. 

And that’s what I’ll focus on here - the big stuff… and why it is here to stay

Essentially what it all boils down to is this:

Corporate Greed Is Fuelling Out National Health Crisis

What I mean is that you are exposed to absolutely stupid amounts of harmful chemicals called:

“Estrogenics”... (also called EDC's - Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals).

These little man-made toxins attach to the Estrogen receptors and change how the cell operates.

Almost every cell in your body (and in most other living creatures) has these Estrogen Receptors.

These "Estrogenic chemicals" fool your cells into thinking they are the real deal - so you have no evolved defense against them...

They mimic some actions of actual estrogen but not all. In fact "real" estrogen is healthy and protective but these chemicals displace it...

And they cause a LOT of damage. 

Dr Anthony Jay in his landmark book Estrogeneration breaks down the top 10 things (coming up in just a second) that are scientifically PROVEN to: 
  • Reduce your Testosterone levels 
  • ​Increase risk of cancer 
  • ​Damage your DNA 
  • ​Make you fat 
  • ​Decrease bone density
  • ​And make you (and your kids) infertile
You would think that when presented with the evidence we would just stop using the harmful stuff…

But nope. That’s not what is happening at all. They are just too profitable. 

Even as studies are piling up the pattern is the same…
  • STEP 1 - A few hundred studies come out regarding the toxic nature of a chemical 
  • ​STEP 2 - a few lawsuits spring up 
  • ​STEP 3 - the government takes notice 
  • ​STEP 4 - big chemical companies lobby hard as hell, make back-alley deals, release 1 or 2 fake counter studies and hush it up.

Rinse and repeat...

It's been going on since the 40's and 50s and it’s not even subtle. 

The authors of many of these so-called counter studies literally WORK FOR the chemical producer companies. And it's in official records. 

It’s like grading your own exam paper… 

Sometimes the public gets involved in a massive scandal and then some real change does happen…

But it’s rare. 

Because the whole process is slow and complicated. So most people lose interest and move on to the next exciting news story. 


As the old adage goes: 


As I said, these petrochemicals are cheap and wildly profitable. 

Let me give you an example of one that lead to a public outcry in 2014

McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, and about 500 other food brands were caught adding 

Azodicarbonamide to their bread… 

Because it makes it more “fluffy”. 

Guess where the petrochemical is usually used? Yoga Mats!

That’s what yoga mats are made of. No wonder the bread was fluffy. 

Azodicarbonamide is banned in Europe and many other countries because it’s been linked to cancer and asthma. 

And did they remove it?

Judge for yourself… 

In February 2014 - Subway announced that it “is set to remove it from their “bread””

And two months later in April of 2014 - they said that it is almost out…

There was no final confirmation of its removal. It never came...

You can guess if it's still in there... or why most bread stays "fresh" for so long. 
And other Azodicarbonamide using businesses like McDonalds or the big bread makers chose to sit the media storm out in silence. 

If there’s one thing both Dr Anthony Jay and Dr Soum Lokeshwar agree on is that these chemicals are responsible for the dramatic decrease in T levels

At that same Urology conference Dr Lokeshwar said: 

“...potential causes for these declines could be increased obesity/BMI, assay variations, diet/phytoestrogens, declined exercise and physical activity, fat percentage, marijuana use, and environmental toxins.”

Most of the other factors... like Obesity... lead directly back to Low Testosterone. 

Because guess what else these chemicals are responsible for?

They Are Making YOU Fat

Leonard Sax MD PhD found a curious thing when doing research for his book:

Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men 

He was looking for evidence that Estrogenics cause Low T, and low motivation in young men. 

Which he found in spades...

But then he also stumbled across this disturbing phenomenon. 

In fact it's down right CREEPY. 

Every animal on the planet is getting fatter. 

Cats... Dogs and even laboratory animals. Even wild rats and polar bears. 

Using data from the mid-1940s through the first few years of the 2000s... 

Researchers found that the average weight of domestic cats has increased an average of...

10% FATTER per decade, every decade, for six consecutive decades

That is mind-boggling...

Especially since the same happens to laboratory-bred animals.

And animals in the labs these days have strict diets, with strict exercise protocols...

And yet - they are still fatter!

And the only thing we all (wild animals included) share is water, food and the environment

Back when Dr Sax's book was published the cause and effect wasn't clear but they suspected it's Estrogenics. 

In fact, now we KNOW that at least 4 of the Estrogenics have been proven to activate PPAR-gamma. 

(full name “peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ” - a mouthful - I know)...

What is PPAR-gamma?

It’s the body’s MAIN fat-gain switch!

It's literally almost that black and white. 

Flip it on... and no matter what you do you'll start accumulating fat. 

Flip it off...  and fat melts off you. 

Even if everything else stays the same... diet...exercise... etc. 

Can you guess which hormone turns PPAR-gamma off?


You Guessed Right - Testosterone!

They have a sort of inverse causality.

Low T causes fat gain... and higher body fat causes lower T. 

Can you see why it's such a mess?

I’ve added a study excerpt below and there are many others...
Right so now you've heard enough about these Estrogenics, or EDC's or Toxic Chemicals...

So let's go over them real quick and list out the top 10. 

 T-Killer Top 10...

1. Phytoestrogens or the “plant estrogenics”. 

Your main exposure = flax, soy, lavender, and cannabis smoke...

2. Mycoestrogen (also known as zearalenone) or the “fungus estrogenic”.

Your main exposure = grains, cereals, cheap coffee and cheap chocolate. 

3. Atrazine or The “herbicide estrogenic” 

Fully banned in Europe... But perfectly legal in USA, India, Mexico, Africa and other countries... 

And guess where your food comes from? Yup. 

For example, you may have seen headlines in NYT about areas in India where they have started using Atrazine have seen suicide rates soar almost immediately. 

And the opposite...

Like in South Korea where it was banned and the suicides declined almost immediately. You'd think it would be enough... but no... unfortunately it's too profitable to stop. 

4. Triclosan & APEs [alkylphenols] or the “soap estrogenics”

Although you will find them in everything from paper towels and toilet tissue to “fragrance” in all your cosmetics and even on your kid's toys... 

Heck, they're even in your laundry detergent. 

5. BP & 4-MBC [benzophenone & 4-methylbenzylidene camphor] or The “sunscreen estrogenics”. 

If you read the labels you will find them in everything from hand soap to hair gel. 

Here’s a key action step. 

READ the labels on all your cosmetics - and if you find “benz” or “phen” in any of the chemical names…

At the start, the end, or in the middle. Then it is safe to assume that that ingredient is estrogenic

Benzo Phenone
Benzyl Benzoate

6. Red No. 3 & 40 or The “artificial red food color estrogenic”. 

They go by many names but anything processed and red most likely has them in (over 70% of US processed foods have one of those). 

You see most processed foods come out brown... so the red dyes are added to make the food look more appetizing. 

They have no other purpose... 

It's pathetic that we allow their use in food products as studies on the harmful effects started coming out in the 40's and 50's! 

And yet... here we are. 

7. Parabens or The “fragrance estrogenics”

You may have heard about them but never really seen them... And that's because they get "hidden" in the fragrance section of the ingredient labels. 

And by lay there is NO REQUIREMENT to disclose what is in "fragrance". 

So manufacturers use that loophole to fill your items up with fragrance. In some cases, even clothing has a "fragrance". 

And they use the loophole to spray it with dust repellent, dirt-repellent and fire retardants so that it's easier to transport and store the items.

8. Phthalates or The “plastic additive estrogenics”

Phthalates are insidious. 

Mainly because there are so many of them and because they spread by water, air and any other medium. 

They kinda work like fillers between plastic fibres. It's Phthalates that make plastic see-through otherwise it would all be cloudy. 

However they are in almost all plastics and they are incredibly toxic. 

But worst of all they have some “favourable” manufacturing characteristics like preventing cracks… and they are dirt cheap. 

So cheap that even FOOD producers add them in on the sly to cut some costs. 

Apparently, in both 2011 and 2014, not just one but multiple Taiwanese food processing and packaging companies were caught illegally adding DEHP (a type of phthalate) into sports drinks, fruit juice, tea beverages, fruit jam, bread, and food powder as a filler

A filler!

They were adding this phthalate because it is cheaper than using oil

Wrap your head around that for a second.

Adding plastic to your food because it's “cheaper” than using the actual food.

In the corporate world the motto often is:

“It’s only unethical if you get caught”

Besides in some cases there are no laws saying explicitly saying what you can and can't do...

And if anything is profitable and legal... Ethics be damned.

Next we have…

9. BPA [bisphenol A; S; FP... and all others in the family] or The “plastic ingredient estrogenic”. 

BPA is what plastics are actually made of - it is a type of fiber that plastic gets made from. 

Kinda like "basket weaving" on a microscopic scale. 

You may even have heard of BPA...

Because of the public outcry a few years back BPA was finally uncovered somewhat restricted.

At least an effort was made to warn people about its effects or presence in food and plastics.

You may even own a Tupperware box or a protein shaker that says “BPA Free”. But don’t be fooled

Because they MODIFIED the molecule so that it’s not BPA but instead a BPB or BPS or BPF or BPFS… you get the point. 

And some of those have already been proven to be WORSE for your health... 

But it's all good. Because now they can stick “BPA FREE” on your plastics and pretend that it’s good for you. 

Here is a quote, for instance, from the Environmental Science & Technology journal:

“BPAF, BPB, BPF, and BPS have been shown to exhibit antiandrogenic and/or estrogenic activities similar to or even greater than that of BPA.”

Similar or even greater... 

You can’t even make this crap up. It's a joke. 

10. EE2 [17α-ethinylestradiol] or The “birth control estrogenic”.

This insidious little molecule has been purpose-designed to not break down. 

It is notoriously hard to filter out and has a very long half life. 

Our lakes, canals and water reservoirs are full of it. Every time the water gets recycled the lakes get a top-up... And now we are all essentially on birth control. 

Did you know that fish can no longer reproduce? 

That's right. Fish now get bread and our rivers and lakes get topped up. 

But those are symptoms... 

To fix it we need to address the core issues. But as mentioned at the start we have Corporate Greed and lobby groups instead. 

So let's get specific for a second...

Where exactly do you find these estrogenics? 
(Can you even avoid them?)

The short answer is everywhere…and not really...

The longer answer might be: 
  • Sunscreen 
  • ​Creams 
  • ​Soap 
  • ​Drinking water 
  • ​Plastic containers 
  • ​Flooring 
  • ​Insulation 
  • ​Air 
  • ​Food 
  • ​Paints 
  • ​Adhesives 
  • ​Inks 
  • ​Washing agents 
  • ​Pesticides 
  • ​Textiles 
  • ​Detergents 
  • ​Leathers 
  • ​Paper
In summary - still everywhere. 

In fact, even if you lived in a cave in the Arctic… You couldn’t escape them.

In 2012 ​​Hammer, found that polar bear livers and fat cells are full of these Estrogenic chemicals…

Seriously? Polar bears?

I mean c’mon. 

Surely some media outlet would talk about it... or it would be in some news something this big would be hard to ignore...

And yet we are fully ignoring it because of the current political climate.

A Conspiracy?

As I told you at the start this is not a "conspiracy" to lower your testosterone. 

But it very well may be. Because it works like one and the effects are very real. 

Millions of men and women are amid a massive health crisis. 

Over 70% of population is overweight. We are more depressed, and more sick than ever...

And for what? To make money for the "food producers"... I mean chemical plants?

It's so profitable for them that they have billions to spare in lawsuits, shameless bribes, and lobbying

The crazy profits are what keeps them in business. 

And it is getting worse - soon they may not need to do as much lobbying

Because now the political situation is SHIELDING them...

We Are Amid Of A “Gender Crisis”

And the effects can be seen and felt everywhere.

It’s gotten to a point that we make jokes about it on social media. 

"Soy Boys" and “plus-size-models" are becoming the norm!

Regardless of what you think of political correctness and with all judgment aside...
Would you say the “man” in the picture above is “healthy”? 

I don’t think anyone sane would… 

But he fits right in today’s narrative of what a man “should be” these days. 

Because anything else would be risking "toxic masculinity".
And this woman?

Her name is Tess Holiday and she is a fashion MODEL. 

This is how far we have come. 

It's now OK for her to BE a role model for society. Because that’s what models are - ideals to try and imitate

Would you want to imitate her lifestyle? Her health? 

What about your kids? 

Would you want them to follow her example?

The "Estrogenization" Of Society Is Leading Us Astray...

And the more social media and even national media talk about “Toxic Masculinity” the less attention we pay to this very real health crisis. 

Both man AND women are losing their testosterone and their health. 

This page has mainly been about MEN but make no mistake - women are not spared... Artificial Estrogens wreck havoc on women's health. 

But who cares right… Testosterone is the “evil man-hormone”.. and we know better than to say it's "good". 

So we have politicized even the basic research around it. 

University research centers are where most of the country’s research gets done and (at the time of writing) they are filled with 56% - 70% women. 

And most of those women are left-leaning and… well… anti-testosterone. 

Because that implies PRO-women. 

To a point where if you did do serious research on the benefits of Testosterone you might jeopardize your career as a scientist… And probably wouldn't get your funding request approved either, because it goes against the grain. 

Besides, that would mean you are a sexist and probably a supporter of “male patriarchy”. 

Think I sound a bit extreme?

Take a look at this quick snapshot of Google articles I randomly grabbed from the very first page of Google just now (and there’s plenty more where they came from so you can do your own search): 
In the article, Cordelia Fine goes on to explain that Testosterone is not that important for MEN or anyone...

Which is just plain untrue. 
And this one literally looks at the outcry and says that there is no basis for it...

Calling it a "Republican Hormone" and "meninist nonsense" (is meninist even a word?)

Not to get rude - but it's moronic. 

As a man he should know better. He even gets a testosterone test... and his test comes back on the "low end of normal" yet he still thinks it's probably all made up. 

Remember the sliding scale? What used to be "you're in danger" is now "meh a bit on the low end".

Well, anyways... My point is that articles like that are NOT hard to find. 

And they keep on coming. 

(Usually written by WOMEN and/or weak placid men.)

They are so caught up in what feminism and toxic masculinity are that they are happy to turn a blind eye to a very real health crisis. 

Dr Anthony Jay (the Dr who wrote Estrogeneration) even once told me that:

“just getting pure testosterone for lab research was harder than getting radioactive material for research”

Think about it…

Why would you oppose science & research?

As a society... that could be compared to “cutting our nose to spite our face.” 

It’s not pretty. 

So I have GOOD and BAD news. 

I'll start with the bad... There will be no cavalry coming to save you. 

Literally, nobody is coming. 

No doctor, not the media or anyone else… The way the course is set it will be years or decades even before any meaningful steps are taken by the masses. 

And your health is on the line right now... and it is getting worse every day!

BUT there’s good news too. 

I have dedicated my life to this cause and have the strategies and the tools to fight back!

You CAN make a real difference and reverse, minimize or even eliminate many of the harmful effects.  

Like many men have before you...
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If you follow the advice given in my community you will see results. Your family doctor might even ask you how come your lab work has improved. Happens all the time. 

So let’s recap what you get here:

Here’s What You Get

  • Membership group                         - Value $99
  • TOT Bible                                         - Value $40
  • ​TOT Decoded - Fast-Start Bundle - Value $499
  • ​Estrogenic-FREE Product Vault    - Value $49 
  • ​TOT Black-Book                              - Value $149 
  • ​Access to Jay                                  - Value PRICELESS 
Total Value - $876 
Your investment today - $99
That’s right all the bonuses above are yours for less than the cost of a meal out for one. 

Less than a gym membership. 

Heck… It’s less than a bag of decent protein powder.

I have made it incredibly easy to take care of your health. 

You don’t have to wonder why you don’t see the man you know you are in the mirror. You can take action today and take back control. 

Say “F*ck you” to “sick-care medicine”. 

Become fully optimized and see your health come back. 

Join the Fully Optimized Health Mastermind today!

Who is this for? (and who it is NOT for)

Escaping the hamster wheel of sick care medicine takes work. 

Real work. If you expect that you’ll be able to take a few pills or get a TOT (or TRT) doctor to prescribe you testosterone…

Only to sit on your couch eating potato chips from a BPA-laden plastic bag all day and undo the toxic effects…

Then “no” this group is not for you. 

Building a healthy body takes work.

It takes desire and dedication. You have to want it. 

For many of you, that call has already come. 

You’ve heard it in your deepest darkest moments. That sense that things could be better. 

Maybe you’ve felt the depression taking over...

Or have gained weight despite doing all the right things...

Or you just can’t gain any muscle and feel tired and weak...

Or your focus and memory are disappearing...

Or you are losing interest in life...

BUT you are driven to find a SOLUTION. 

And you are willing to do what it takes to get your health back!

Then yes!

This group is for you. 

My Controversial Reverse-GUARANTEE

My membership has no money-back GUARANTEE. 

That’s right there is NONE. Because at this price the deal is so good that it would be ridiculous to offer one. 

What I can PERSONALLY guarantee is that if you follow the advice you will get results.

My work has proven it a thousand times over. 

My book alone has received thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, Audible, Good Reads, and all over the internet. 

I am not a shady character hiding in the dark. 

I am a well-received heavy-weight champion in this space. 

And you’re getting my time and best stuff, included in your membership. And since a lot of the material is digital it can be ripped. Especially by those who oppose anyone doing research on Testosterone...

If they will try and shame me then they can pay for the books at least. 

The same goes for the TOT black book or the cheat sheets.

They have decades of hard-won information that is proprietary. 

So yeah - there will be no money back Guarantee. 

It’s a bit like in the Matrix… you take the red pill and get to peek behind the curtain… 

You can’t unsee it… 

You Gotta Take Action NOW

To recap this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. 

What you are getting here is a complete health transformation. 

You get everything from the doctors to the supplements to my book.
Everything you might need is included in this special offer. 

To recap here’s what you get: 
  • Membership group                         - Value $99
  • TOT Bible                                         - Value $40
  • ​TOT Decoded - Fast-Start Bundle - Value $499
  • ​Estrogenic-FREE Product Vault    - Value $49 
  • ​TOT Black-Book                              - Value $149 
  • ​Access to Jay                                  - Value PRICELESS 
Total Value - $876 
Your investment today - $99 per month
I can't wait to see you in the Fully Optimized Health Private Membership Group!
If You Don't Want to Sign Up for The Mastermind But Want to Purchase the 
TOT Decoded Webinar and E-book?
What's Covered in Our Webinar?

In this nearly 2.5 hour Masterpiece, You Will Learn Everything You Must Know About...
The War Being Waged On Your Body

- Why Low Testosterone Will Kill You
- The Reality of Natural T-Optimization
- Why Your Doctor Doesn't Want You To Know You Have Low T
- Why Testosterone Is Demonized

Therapeutic Testosterone: Myth vs Reality

- Why Testosterone is beneficial for your heart 
- Why using Testosterone has nothing to do with anabolic steroids
- Why optimized Testosterone is beneficial for the male prostate
- How Therapeutic T suppresses inflammation and why it must be a frontline treatment for Adult Onset Diabetes (Type 2)
- How you can use Therapeutic Testosterone and still have children  

The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels Through Testosterone Optimization Therapy

- Decreases body fat
- Increases muscle mass
- Improves heart health
- Treats depression
- Improves memory and protects against Alzheimer's
- Fights inflammation
- No side effects when done correctly! 

The 10 Commandments of Living A Fully Optimized Life

- Why Testosterone Optimization Therapy alone is not enough
- How your doctor will mess you up if you are not informed
- The importance of self education
- How to choose the right doctor
- How to know what protocol is right for you
- How living with purpose is key

Presented by Jay Campbell. 2021–2022